Celebration decorations | Vinski Podrum Malča

Your special day, deserves to be carried out in a special place, in a different ambience that fits your idea completely.

Leave the imagination… describe your wishes or send pictures, and our team will be happy to realize your dreams.

Also, we are ready to offer to you a decoration and surprises, and thematic prepare your celebration, if you have not yet decided exactly what you want.

The decorate team of Malča winery will be pleased to arrange and thematically organize your special event in our restaurant, terraces or yard:

  • frenzy
  • wedding
  • childbirth
  • birthday
  • fame or business celebration.

Frenzy and wedding

Everyone is special in his own way, every single love story is unique … the crown of love is this unique and unrepeatable moment of fellowship and marriage. Let us make it more special, more romantic and more memorable.

Could you imagine to ask your dear one in the original way, with a ring in a plate of food in the restaurant, a romantic bridge on the river, or perhaps in a large wooden barrel …?

Be original, get married in the woods, on a wooden bridge, in the lagoon ... or in the evening in the woods with illuminated trees...

Birthdays and anniversaries

Could you imagine that we would make a movie for the jubilee birthday of dear person, or an important year for you, and, as a surprise, we broadcast it to all the guests …?

The first birthday and baptism of your child can look really different, thematically with your favorite character…

Business celebrations and events

If we talk about team building, promotion of your products, or organizing business festivities, you can be a pleasure, an organization that everything is professional and beautiful, how your company deserves is our concern …

An offer

We do not follow fashion and current collections,
we follow your imagination and wishes !!!!

Your special day deserves special – a unique decoration.

In your style, we can do for you:

Welcome table
A gift box greeting card
Pickets for whales
Stand for rings
Image table
Main table or youth table
Decoration of all tables (flower, candlesticks …)
Unique rings for napkins
Printed menu for each guest, with personal consultation
Sweet table
Fruit table
Background for painting (elegant, floral, balloon …)
A picture box with a number – for babies
The curtains
Decoration of the wedding space; canopies, lively flowers, quality artificial flowers …
Wedding house
Gift to guests – wine with picture, date, chocolates, magnets, chocolate brandy or as desired …

And much more, everything that can be imagined can be done 🙂
Only the sky is the limit