Nemanjića house | Vinski Podrum Malča

Here we make wine in the same way as it was made during the Nemanic dynasty. Wooden
barrels were used around year 1100. That was the period of the reign of the Nemanjic dynasty
in Serbia.
Both red and white wine fermented on the pomace. These wooden barrels have holes near the
bottom through which grape solids are removed after fermentation.
There are 16 barrels here with a capacity from 4 to 7.5 tons each.
However, wooden barrels have a great advantage over all other vessels: wood lets a very small
amount of oxygen into the barrel, which causes positive oxidation and enables wine to breathe.
These big barrels don't affect wine the way Barrick barrels do, since they have been in use for
many years, but wood always has recognizable effect on wine.