About us | Vinski Podrum Malča

The place of intersection of time epochs, pleasure and love.

The richness of the historic tourist and extraordinary offer of the city of Nish is enriched by the development of wine tourism. Just a few kilometers from Nish, along the Nish-Sofia highway, on the route of the Roman emperors, the wine cellar Malča (1903) is a unique centuries-old synthesis of wine roads that crossed, intertwined, and eventually joined together in a fairytale worth to mention.

The cellar tells this fairytale through its unusual bond of tradition and culture of the Roman emperors, Serbian rulers and old wine masters. Here wine and history enthusiasts can experience ‘a unique journey through wine time’  by visiting four wine houses from four different time periods and get acquainted with its ways of making wine.

The Roman wine house-the cellar with amphoras is the biggest attraction that will bring you back to the distant past, to the heart of the wine story where you can taste the wine of the same quality as Emperor Constantine the Great drank. Amphoras are the oldest wine vessels from Georgia that were brought for the first time to Serbia by the winery Malča, thus enriching the wine offer of our country.

There are eight clay amphoras, the volume of which is 2000l, buried in the ground. The wine in them macerates on the skin for a long time, thus creating wines of unusual flavours. Nish and Serbia can boast about being winners on this year’s international amphora wine-tasting competition held for the first time in Georgia. The white wine ‘Queen Jelena’ is the winner of the gold medal with 90.8 points, while ‘Constantine the Great’ –the red wine of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, won the bronze medal.


Nemanjic wine house- the cellar with wooden barrels in which red wines are made. During the Nemanjic dynasty reign people drank red wine and here you can taste rosé wine from the indigenous variety Black Tamjanika.


The Serbian wine house from the middle of the 20th century – the cellar in which wine is made in concrete fermenters. Here you can taste the red semi-sweet wine ‘Kalča’, made according to the old recipe from Nish.


The modern winery – where the wine is made in inox fermenters using the most modern technology. The premium line called ‘Anonymus’ was born here.

The crown of the Wine cellar Malča is the end of a trip, the Roman-style restaurant where visitors can enjoy the balcony surrounded by vineyards as well as the food made using the recipes of our ancestors. There is also a store of local wines, brandy and vinegar and you can extend your pleasure even after leaving the winery.

Love creates everything; that is why ‘the Wine for Two’ is created here. This is a message from the amiable team of the wine cellar Malča and they claim that their main goal here is to produce happiness!